Window and Door Screens

Mike’s Mobile offers a variety of window and door screens from sliding screen doors to security doors to Solar Screens which block out much of the sun’s heat. We even offer screen repair and replacement services. Contact us today so we can help you choose the perfect screen for your home.

Solar Screens
Upgrading your home with Solar Screens will make your home look new again! Solar Screens give a home flare and block out harmful UV rays from the sun while still letting sunlight in.

Screen Repair
Our technicians are able to do screen repair onsite! We are able to get your screens fitting perfectly on your home.

Screen Doors
We can build for any application. Our trained technicians build your screens onsite for a perfect fit everytime!

Tired of your old screen door that bare keeps the bugs out? If it’s time to upgrade your screen door, why not get the best? Mike’s Mobile Screens offers high quality screen doors and custom fits them to your door frame. You can use the chart below to decide what kind of door will fit your home best.


Find these pages here!

Sliding Screen Doors
Swinging Screen Doors
Retractable Screen Doors

If you are in need of more security, please visit our Security Doors page! Mike’s Mobile has you covered no matter what application your home needs.

Security Doors
Browse through our beautiful security doors and pick the best fit for your house. Our doors come in many colors and styles to keep your home looking amazing.

Steel Security Doors
Tru-Frame Security Screen Door
Tru-View Security Door
Viewguard Security Door

Pet Doors
Our pet doors come in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The doors are built into the frame of a sliding screen door so your pets can travel in and out during the warm summer months.

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