Should I use 80% or 90% Solar Screen Material?

Mike's Mobile - Solar Screen 80%/90%

Solar screen is available in multiple colors (black, brown, grey, stucco and beige) and also available in varying weave densities. An 80% weave blocks 80% of the UV rays. At Mike’s Mobile Screens we usually recommend using an 80% weave on most residential applications. You will still get a nice breeze through the screen and retain great outward visibility. A 80% solar screen cuts the heat and glare without darkening the inside of your home. Our 90% weave is great for picture windows (windows that don’t open). We also recommend 90% when you have direct sunlight (such as when we are covering a skylight). Although 90% will not completely block out light it is useful for people who sleep during the day and want something to drastically cut the light coming into their home.

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