I see the TÜV rating on your awning information. What does TÜV mean?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - AwningAll four Sunesta Retractable Patio Awnings including The Sunesta, The Sunstyle, The Sunlight and The Sunflair are designed with consumer safety in mind. These models have been tested by TÜV, an independent organization headquartered in Germany with regional offices in North America.

In English, TÜV means Technical Surveillance Association. TÜV tests automobiles, computers, medical devices and other types of consumer products. Because of the large demand and popularity of retractable awnings in Europe, TÜV also tests retractable awnings for safety and reliability. It’s the only independent testing agency in the world that provides this function. In addition to the Sunesta models and parts being tested, our facility is inspected by TÜV every year (a certificate of this inspection is available upon request). The inspection is necessary to ensure that we are using the parts that were actually approved.

There is another organization associated with retractable awning ratings called CE. This organization does not perform any testing or inspections, it just creates guidelines (wind classes) for rating retractable awnings. Awning manufacturers are then left to voluntarily determine which wind class rating applies to their products without any independent testing and confirmation.

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