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Let the cool breeze in while keeping undesirable elements out with TRU-Frame Sliding Security Screen Doors. Constructed to match the look and performance of our hinged door product line, our NEW Sliding Security Doors will enhance the appearance of your home while providing peace of mind! Available in the Stainless Steel Mesh style (Similar to Viewguard) and an Amplimesh style (Similar to TRU-Frame) in Single or Double door options.

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  • A sliding security door replaces your existing patio screen door. These doors come pre-assembled and tamper resistant. Enjoy the cool night air while sleeping in peace, quiet and safety. These sliding security doors are also pet resistant! No more ripped screens from pets.
    • Ventilation: Can be locked securely, allowing you to safely and confidently leave your primary door open day or night.
    • Visibility: Allows viewing of the outdoors and visitors, and eliminates the confined feeling other security products present.
    • Rust Free: Heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame resists rust for lasting durability.
    • Secure: The 5-point Locking Hardware and Integrated C enter Retention System mean our sliders can take a beating!
    • Pet Proof: The Stainless Steel Mesh option comes pet proof and the Amplimesh style door can be screened with petscreen to become pet proof.

  • All warranties cover materials, manufacturing defects and hardware for the periods listed below but will not cover normal wear and tear of the product. Screen mesh is not covered beyond the initial installation of products. Defective items must be reported within 5 days of receipt for validation. Improper installation of the product will not be covered under the warranties listed. Warranty periods begin from the date of purchase to our dealers. Contact the factory for details on specific product lines listed below and for any warranty claim. Maximum liability for R. Lang Company will be limited to replacement of product only. 5 Year Limited Warranty Security Doors WARRANTY SERVICE REQUESTS Warranty periods begin from date of purchase from the R. Lang Company. All warranty service requests must be submitted by the original dealer/customer for validation purposes. You must provide an original invoice number for verification. Contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 677-5264 for the Service Request form to be emailed or faxed to you. R. Lang Company will not accept warranty requests directly from homeowners. Under no circumstance will R. Lang Company be responsible for repair bills submitted by homeowners or dealers/customers without prior approval from the Sales or Warranty Manager. Warranty requests received outside of our California service area will be processed by our Warranty Manager for fair resolution. Replacement parts will be sent as necessary to correct a problem or defect. Insulated glass failures/defects can be replaced locally but will require pre-authorization from the Sales Warranty Manager for fair credit amount reimbursement. Any dealer/customer rework or screen replacement must be pre-approved. We recommend that the product be returned for correction in our facility. R. Lang Company will cover cost for authorized replacements for material only. Dealer/customer will be responsible for any labor incurred for their shop or field expenses. GENERAL WARRANTY POLICY R. Lang Company will repair or provide replacement product, at it’s election, free of charge, any product proven to have a manufacturing defect during the applicable warranty period up to a maximum liability which shall be equal to the cost of replacement of the defective product. R. Lang Company shall in no event be liable for labor charges or other expenses whatsoever in connection with removal or installation of either the original or replacement product. However, in lieu of replacement of repair, R. Lang Company, at it’s sole discretion, reserves the right to refund up to the amount paid by the original purchaser of the product but not including the installation cost. This warranty is intended to cover individual homeowners and does not apply to products installed in commercial construction. In the event of repair or replacement pursuant to terms of this warranty, the original warranty shall apply to the repaired or replacement product and will extend for the balance of the warranty period in effect at the time the product proved defective.

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