Why is a Chimney Liner and Chimney Lining System Important?

Believe it or not chimney liners actually play an important part in keeping your home safe.

So what is a chimney liner? First let’s define what a chimney liner actually is.

Chimney liners in your masonry chimney are built with terra-cotta clay tiles that are stacked on top of each other and mortared together. A chimney liner is a gas-tight and heat-resistant insulator that protects your home’s masonry chimney.

Another type of liner is a stainless steel liner. These are often found attached to a furnace, wood stove or fireplace. Your heating source will vent up through the stainless steel liner. It is housed inside of your existing brick structure.

New liners gives us efficient chimneys that are safe to use and solve most issues regarding drafting. If a liner is absent or has cracks, there could be heat transfer and gas leaks to combustible materials which can cause a fire seepage through your home’s brick and mortar.


What are the functions of a chimney liner?

  • Prevents damage to your masonry fireplace and chimney.- Bricks, believe it or not, are actually very porous. When you have active flames in your fireplace, the combustion creates corrosive by products. Essentially the mortar joints are eaten away by the corrosion which allows for rapid heat transfer. If this goes unnoticed or not taken care of, eventually dangerous problems like carbon monoxide can leak into your home.
  • Protects you and your home from accidental chimney fires.
    – Another reason why a liner is important, they prevent the risk of accidental fires from breaking out in your home. Chimney liners limit the heat transfers from coming into too much contact with the supporting structures or combustible framing that are near your chimney. These prevent fire hazards from breaking out.

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