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Your chimney crown is the area that is around the top of the chimney (not to be confused with the chimney cap that is an attachment that is added to the top of the flue pipe). A chimney crown seal protects the chimney crown from damage over time. The chimney crown tops off the masonry walls of the chimney, usually with a wider masonry or cement area. This solid covering stops moisture from filtering down through your brick or stone work in your chimney. The crown is vital to protecting the mortar that holds everything together.

There are chimney crown sealants that are able to be applied to a chimney crown that still has structural integrity but needs to be waterproofed. Larger cracks are filled with high bond patching material and then the crown seal is applied over the top of the whole chimney crown. The sealant forms a waterproof membrane between the elements and your chimney. When properly applied, these solutions can add up to 15 years to the life of a chimney crown that has begun to wear.

If your chimney crown is showing its age, it may be time to replace it with a new concrete chimney cap before it is too late. Some masons will simply use mortar mix to create a new top for the chimney. The problem with that is, mortar mix will crack and leak very quickly and is not a weather resistant material. A cement chimney crown that is properly designed to overhang the outside dimensions of the chimney structure is the best solution.

When your chimney crown becomes cracked or has lost pieces of its original shape it no longer is doing the job that it needs to. Once your chimney crown begins deteriorating and falling apart, it won’t be long before serious damage will set in to your entire chimney. It may be worth a visit to your roof once in a while to do your own inspection of the chimney crown. Don’t take our word for it – just take a quick drive around downtown and look up at the older masonry chimneys. Most of them are literally falling apart from the top down. The last thing someone needs is bricks falling down or costly repairs.

When we service our customers with their annual inspection and chimney cleaning, the chimney crown is a key area that we look at. If there are any defects at all, we suggest an immediate crown seal to prevent more damage.

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