Chimney De-Glazing

Before and After Chimney De-Glazing

With the proper technique, your chimney can be free of glazed creosote.

Have our professional team de-glaze your chimney so you can burn with confidence!

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Glazed creosote is impossible to remove with standard cleaning. It requires a comprehensive chimney de-glazing solution that allows the glaze to be removed without damaging your chimney stack. Once creosote dries, it gradually hardens into a build-up that is denser and harder than brick. This build-up sticks to the inside of your chimney walls which if left allowed to continue, will only be able to be removed by chimney de-glazing.

During repeated burning, fresh layers of creosote rapidly accumulate. With each undried layer, these new layers are insulated to where they can build up with sticky creosote and solidify. This stone-solid substance is known as chimney glaze and can only be removed by professional chimney de-glazing.

The best way to avoid needing a chimney de-glazing is proper burning! If you have an attached stove, make sure the vent opening on the appliance is the same size as the chimney and your draft control is not set too low or else the fire will smolder. Make sure to also burn with dry and seasoned wood only! Any pieces that are wet or unseasoned typically create more creosote.

Our approach to chimney de-glazing begins with assessing the situation. Once we have found evidence of chimney glazing we will leave you with the proper chemicals needed to begin the de-glazing process. After an application of this chemical, we have you burn while using this for the next 1-2 weeks before we return to sweep out the broken-down glaze. Any remaining glaze will be attended to with either chemical or physical agitation with some requiring both. Once the chimney de-glazing process is complete we will instruct you on the probable cause of the glaze and further prevention.

Protect your home and get the peace of mind you deserve, have us inspect and de-glaze your chimney!

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