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Radiant Fireback in a Zero-Clearance fireplace

Heat from each fire you burn places a lot of strain on your rear refractory panel. In the event that your rear panel starts to crack, you still have time before this crack gets larger. We recommend patching refractory panels with cement patching and installing a radiant fireback to assist in further cracking of the panel. Not only will this repair be less expensive, it will also provide a higher efficiency of heat output with the radiant fireback reflecting more of the heat back into the home. With only sheet metal behind your refractory panels, protecting these panels is of the highest priority when it comes to resisting high temperatures during a fire. Keep your home and your family safe.  

Radiant Fireback in an open masonry fireplace

Approximately 80% of the heat in a firebox gets absorbed in the rear firewall causing heat damage to even the best built masonry fireplace. When installed in conjunction with a professional repair of a rear firewall a fireback can virtually stop this kind of damage. Constructed of 14 gauge, 304-alloy stainless steel, the lightweight radiant fireback will effectively reflect heat back into your room at a fraction of the cost of a traditional cast iron fireback. With open fireplaces being less efficient than a fireplace insert, anything to increase this inefficiency is high recommended! Multiple sizes are available to fit your fireplace.

Efficiency beyond an open fireplace

If you are looking for your fireplace to put out more heat in the winter time and serve as a bit more than just decoration, we highly recommend asking us about having a fireplace insert installed in your home. Various rebates are available to make this process more affordable and we work with the best companies to ensure you get the best fireplace insert to fit your needs. Give us a call and we can get you started!

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