Fireplace Grate

Firewood burning with a fireplace grate.

One of the most overlooked chimney parts is a quality fireplace grate. This is an integral part of a chimney system. For efficient and safer burning fires, use a properly functioning fireplace grate! 

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  • Better quality burn – The  fireplace grate lifts wood off of the floor allowing air to be pulled in from underneath the wood, your fire will be supercharged with air making it hotter and more efficient.
  • More complete burn – Burned pieces of wood fall to the fireplace floor through the spaces in the fireplace grate creating a bed of super hot coals. This allows the wood above to be burned from the bottom up so you don’t need to adjust and move the wood once placed on the fireplace grate.
  • Protection of your fireplace floor – The fireplace grate keeps the real heat up off the floor protecting your concrete from the extreme heat of the fire. This will add life to your fireplace.
  • Better drafting – When you lift the fire off of the floor you do two things, lift the fire closer to the chimney and allow air to move under the fire. By doing this you not only supercharge your fire but you also help it draft smoke and fumes out the chimney instead of into your home. Sometimes a smoking fireplace can be cured by the use of a fireplace grate.
  • Less work – Most fireplace grates have a front and back that curl up. This helps to cradle your firewood to keep it in one location and also helps to continuously force the wood to the middle of the fireplace grate. Instead of having to move the wood around all the time you simply add more when needed. This can help reduce hot embers from popping out and burning your floor as well.
  • Easier to light – Using a fireplace grate allows air to get under the wood making the fire much easier to start.

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