Chimney Caps and Spark Arrestor

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 Keep animals and leaves out of your chimney.

Invest in a high quality chimney cap.


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3 Reasons EVERY chimney needs a cap

  1. Rain Protection – water causes the greatest damage to your chimney of any of the elements. It soaks into the porous bricks, eats away at the mortar, hastens the destruction of the chimney liner, and destroys the chimney crown. A chimney cap does a great job of protecting your chimney from water damage.
  2. Animal Protection – one of the great sources of danger to homeowners is the threat of disease from animals like raccoons, swuirrels, birds, and rodents that make their home in their chimneys. A well-made chimney cap will keep those animals out of your home forever. Sturdy mesh, a strong lid and one-piece construction keep even the most determined critters at bay.
  3. Spark Protection – the mesh screen on our caps protects your home from sparks emitted from your chimney. This means less danger of a fire caused by stray sparks from your fireplace or woodstove.


The quality of caps we carry: – Two words say it all: Lifetime Warranty. Every one of our caps is guaranteed for life to not blow off or burn/ rust through like hardware store caps.

Masonry Chimney Caps


Masonry Chimney caps connect to the top of your brick/masonry chimney. We sell black galvanized chimney caps that have a spark arrestor build in. You'll get 2 for the price of one with this cap. Fits all standard chimney flue sizes: 8" x 8", 8" x 13", 8" x 17", 13" x 13", 13" x 17" - We can also order custom size chimney caps. Contact us today and find out how!

Prefab/Zero Clearance Chimney Cap


We offer prefab or Zero Clearance chimney caps for sizes: 6", 8", and 10". All sizes are available in Solid pack and Air Cooled options. Contact us today for custom sizes. We can do it!

Lock Top Damper



If you are tired of that old masonry throat damper or you are looking to become more efficient and save some money on your energy bill, you can invest in a Lock Top Damper. This top mount damper seals shut with a rubber seal and keeps the cold air out of your chimney and out of your home.

Flue Extender Caps



Many masonry chimneys do not meet minimum code-height requirements and have the potential to be a serious fire hazard. Also, many draft issues can be attributed to a chimney being too short. These caps keep sparks off your roof and assist in a strong chimney draft.

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