Chimney Accessories

Is your fireplace too plain or not quite working right? Mike’s Mobile offers a wide range of chimney accessories. From caps to keep out rain to grates to help wood more efficiently, we have it all!


Chimney Cap and Spark Arrestor

Chimney caps serve a variety of purposes. They can keep out rain or animals, reduce sparks or drafts, and even keep more heat in the house. Ask us what kind of cap you need for your chimney!

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Fireplace Grate

One of the most overlooked chimney parts is a quality fireplace grate. This is an integral part of a chimney system and is needed for multiple reasons.

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Glass Door Sets

We can properly fit your fireplace with a quality, trouble-free glass door set. We have many suppliers and can get custom sets made up for a fraction of the price you may find elsewhere.

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Radiant Firebacks

Stainless Steel Radiant Firebacks will make your fireplace more efficient by absorbing the heat from the fire and reflecting it back into the room.

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