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Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service your window and door covering specialist! These pictures our from a customer that did her entire home with Solar Screens and had a Viewguard Security screen door installed on the front door. This customer will now enjoy savings on their energy bill! Call us today and ask about how we can save you money! Call Toll Free (877) 520-3595

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Prepare Your Home for Spring with Screens and Security Doors

Get ready because Spring will be here before you even know it! Be prepared for the upcoming warmer temperatures with some new screens! From window screens, door screens, security doors and windows, to even energy-saving solar screens, Mike’s Mobile Screens & Chimney Service can help!


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Depending on the of screens that you choose, they can upgrade the look of your home, save you some money on your energy bills, and give you added privacy as well as security. So what do we offer?

Screen Doors

Retractable/Rollaway Screen Doors
Our Retractable/Rollaway screen doors are an “inside mount” style which offers superior aesthetics and durability when compared to a “surface mount” style (which protrudes 5+ inches outside your door frame). We have the combined knowledge of thousands of disappearing screen door installations and are be happy to come out and show you a display of an actual door.

Sliding Screen Door
Our sliding screen door offers an all-metal construction with steel wheels, bearings and a metal lock.  Many of our customers opt for Solar Screen in their doors to take advantage of the added durability it offers. The doors are built with inside corners and adjustable wheels for a perfect fit!

Swinging Screen Door
Our swinging screen doors have many styles and colors to choose from. These are the best swinging screen doors on the market and we can fit them to virtually any door- and French sets are no problem! All doors come with a pneumatic closure installed at no additional charge and a 10 year warranty* you can even customize your door even more by adding a Solar Screen!

Window Screens and Window Screen Repair

Our custom window screen frames are all-aluminum constructed with mitered inside corners- no cheap plastic corners like the other guys use along with pull tabs and springs. We charge flat rates, so getting a solid estimate with no hidden fees is easy and hassle free!

If you screen is torn, don’t worry! We also offer screen repairs and replacement window screen frames! Just like most of our other screen products, you can opt to re-screen your screens with Solar Screen due to its durability.

Pet Screens

Our pet doors are made to LAST, unlike those flimsy plastic kits from the hardware store that are just going to cause you problems. Pet doors are directly installed into your screen or sliding door and won’t crack or warp during the harsh seasons like Winter and Summer!

Solar Screens

Are you looking to lower your home’s energy bills this upcoming Spring and Summer? Solar screens are a unique, heavy-duty woven mesh that blocks 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your home’s windows and doors. They can help lower the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees! 

Call Mike’s Mobile Screens & Chimney Service today to get scheduled for an appointment!  
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Can I Order Screens Straight From Your Shop?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service Screen Shop

YES, you can order screens directly from our shop! We can repair your damaged screens or make you new ones. If you need new screens, and, are confident in your measurements you can call in your order and pick up screens straight from our shop located in Stockton, CA. We have the quickest turn-around in town (usually just 1-2 days) and our shop prices are about 1/2 of our mobile prices!

Please be confident in your measurements or bring in old old screens for us to copy if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for wrong measurements on your part.

If you need help with your measurements, you can watch this video for a quick tutorial:

How are Solar Screens installed?

Mike's Mobile DIe Cast ClipsThe best way to install Solar Screens depends on the application. Our highly trained technicians will know how, best, to make your Solar Screens for a perfect fit and installation.  Most of the time this includes using die-cast barrel clips. These clips come color matched to the frame to blend in. These clips are perfect for Solar Screens because they allow for easy tool-less removal and re-installation of Solar Screens by the homeowner for cleaning. Be wary of unlicensed people installing Solar Screens: water intrusion, window warranty issues and ill-fitting Solar Screens are some of the things we’ve seen in the field when un-licensed people are hired to do this work. Be sure to check for a contractor’s license and insurance anytime you are having someone do work on your home!

Should I use 80% or 90% Solar Screen Material?

Mike's Mobile - Solar Screen 80%/90%

Solar screen is available in multiple colors (black, brown, grey, stucco and beige) and also available in varying weave densities. An 80% weave blocks 80% of the UV rays. At Mike’s Mobile Screens we usually recommend using an 80% weave on most residential applications. You will still get a nice breeze through the screen and retain great outward visibility. A 80% solar screen cuts the heat and glare without darkening the inside of your home. Our 90% weave is great for picture windows (windows that don’t open). We also recommend 90% when you have direct sunlight (such as when we are covering a skylight). Although 90% will not completely block out light it is useful for people who sleep during the day and want something to drastically cut the light coming into their home.

Will I have to take my Solar Screens down in the winter?

winter-Solar ScreensNo!

Actually Solar Screens are an efficient way to add another insulation barrier between your windows (the leading areas of heat transfer) and the elements. Solar screens, in an 80% grade, cut harsh UV rays still present in winter without cutting natural visible light. These UV rays in the winter can still fade carpet and furniture. Solar Screens make your home more efficient, regardless of the season and save you energy and money!

How Long Do Solar Screens Last?

Can Solar Screens last longer than any other part of your home? Absolutely! Mike’s Mobile uses the highest quality materials, and has the best Solar Screen warranty in the industry – 10 years!  We recommend to keep your solar screens looking nice that they be cleaned 1-2 times a year with a mild soap/water solution. Feeling like pampering yourself? Call Mike’s Mobile today and we can take care of washing your Solar Screens as well as your windows! Learn more about solar screens here.
cleaning-Solar Screens last

How do I measure screens to get a quote over the phone?

Solar Screen-doorEasy!

If you need bugscreens or re-screens just count them and call. We charge flat rates to make things simple for you. If you are interested in a quote for Solar Screens you can measure the width and height of each window you are interested in (keep in mind Solar Screens generally cover the entire window). You can measure from the inside or the outside and just round to the nearest foot. Or call Mike’s Mobile Screen and Chimney Service today at 1-877-520-3595 and we can come out to measure your windows for you and give you a FREE in-home estimate!

Is it a good idea to get grids over my Solar Screens?


Solar Screens with grids are a great way to spruce up the look of your home.  One thing to note, however, is if your home already has windows with grids and you have us install Solar Screens with grids then your windows may look busy from the inside looking out.  From some angles you may see both sets of grids.  If you don’t want a grid pattern we would recommend at least one bar going across the middle (we call it a spreader bar) that matches the separation in the middle of your window.