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Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service your window and door covering specialist! These pictures our from a customer that did her entire home with Solar Screens and had a Viewguard Security screen door installed on the front door. This customer will now enjoy savings on their energy bill! Call us today and ask about how we can save you money! Call Toll Free (877) 520-3595

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Sliding Security Doors Are Here!

Sliding Security Doors - Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service

THEY ARE HERE! Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service now offers Sliding Security Doors! This nifty door takes the place of a sliding screen door and offers you and your family much more security.

These doors are also available in several different styles. Pictured on this page is a recent install at a customer’s home. Margaret loves her door and was very pleased with the installation. She chose the Single Door with Stainless Steel mesh. What isn’t pictured, (Coming soon) is the Double Door. The Double Door offer a secure Stainless Steel mesh on the stationary side as well as the moving door side.

Also available are the Single and Double versions in Amplimesh (Similar to what is on the Tru-Frame Door). No matter what the application calls for we have you covered!

More information will be coming soon and we will have it up on our website as soon as possible. For now please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to have one of these awesome Security Sliding Doors installed on your home.

What kind of a handle set do your security doors come with?

C5376BL-003Our Tru-Frame and Tru-View doors come with a proprietary slim line handle and deadbolt set. Our Viewguard and Steel security doors accept a standard lock-set. We at Mike’s Mobile recommend the homeowner buy their own lock set when ordering a door. Our technicians will be happy to install it for you when we come back out to install your door. We recommend this so there isn’t additional markup on the handle set and so you have time to buy the exact handle set you want for the door. Normally it Is best to get a set that matches or is at least the same brand as the set on your existing door for ease of re-keying.

Getting a Viewguard is as Easy as 1-2-3


If you’re like Joyce F. of Sacramento you might just order not 1 or 2, but 3 at once. Joyce had 2 separate doorways that she wanted secured. She had a single door and a French door at her home. She also took advantage of an unpublished discount about ordering multiple items at once! (Until now. Oops!) Be sure to ask about a discount when you buy 2 or more Viewguard security doors at the same time.

Joyce, Thank you so much for choosing Mike’s Mobile. We think your doors look amazing. Do you agree? Tell us what you think.

Are you thinking of getting a Viewguard door for unparalleled security and airflow? Give us a call today at (877) 520-3595 and get your doors started.


Custom Front Doors

Have an idea for a custom security door? Call us today! (877) 520-3595 or contact us by email to learn more about our custom security doors. We specialize in fully custom doors for your home. Put something special on your home that you will love forever.

custom security doors

Whether it is a simple custom design based on our existing styles or something completely custom, Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service can get the job done.

Choose Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service for all of you custom security door needs.

The steel security doors I’ve seen have big gaps and let in bugs. Is there anything you can do to prevent this?

Glad you asked! The steel security doors you are thinking of are the kind sold by our competition, and are usually a 3 piece design. A 3 piece door is going to have large gaps at the top, sides and usually the bottom. They have the doors made this way so they will fit a wider variety of door frames. At Mike’s Mobile Screens & Chimney Service our steel doors are 100% custom and made to fit your home. We build our doors in a, far superior, 1 piece design for added strength and beauty. We have over 10 different mounting styles so no matter what kind of existing door frame you have we can build something to fit perfectly. We also build every steel door to stop the bugs from coming in, as well as unwanted people. We have built in flanges that cover all the gaps (as well as adding more security) and can put a door sweep on the bottom to complete the installation.


I want a security door, but I don’t want my house to look like it has jail bars. What options do I have?

viewgaurd-installOur Aluminum security doors are made specifically to address your security needs without having the “jail bar” look most security doors are known for. The Tru-View and Viewguard have a unique stainless mesh (painted black) that offers security at its highest level without unsightly bars.

If those doors aren’t what you are looking for we have steel security door options that can blow away our competition. Check out our Vino Welcome (Vineyard) steel security door in two-tone colors.

I like your Vineyard Steel Security door but don’t like how it says Welcome. Is there something else that we can get there instead?

vinyardAbsolutely! Our Vineyard Steel Security doors can be changed!  At Mike’s Mobile Screen and Chimney Service all of our steel security doors are 100% custom so all you have to do is ask.  We can put another word, a design, your initials or take the middle piece out of the door altogether. Our steel doors are only limited by your imagination. For more info…