Introducing Our New Security Window Screens

Bill H. from Stockton decided that for his windows, he wanted maximum security without gaudy iron security bars detracting the beauty of his home. With our new security window screens we were able to help him achieve both of these goals without compromise. Bill H. picked out a combination of quick escape and fixed security window screens in a white frame finish along with our Viewguard and sliding security door for total home protection.

guarda security windows
Our screens are made of high tensile strength stainless steel allowing for a clear view of the outside from your home while saving you money on energy with 60% UV blockage and secure protection. Unlike traditional bars on your windows, our security screens allow for an easy exit from the inside, high resistance to impact and tampering from the outside, and an appealing design with unobstructed air flow throughout your house. These screens are available in 9 different frame finishes with several options to match your current home style.

To get security screens for your home today give us a call at (877) 520-3595

For more information on our security window screens, visit our website: Security Window Screens

guarda security window screens

Can I Order Screens Straight From Your Shop?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service Screen Shop

YES, you can order screens directly from our shop! We can repair your damaged screens or make you new ones. If you need new screens, and, are confident in your measurements you can call in your order and pick up screens straight from our shop located in Stockton, CA. We have the quickest turn-around in town (usually just 1-2 days) and our shop prices are about 1/2 of our mobile prices!

Please be confident in your measurements or bring in old old screens for us to copy if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for wrong measurements on your part.

If you need help with your measurements, you can watch this video for a quick tutorial:

Is there a benefit to having window screens built on-site?

onsiteYes! Mike’s Mobile Screens builds all of your, window and door, screens on-site because we have specific standards on how we want your Solar Screens to fit. We want screens to fit perfectly and this usually means measuring everything to the 1/16th of an inch. If we make a mistake out in the field we can easily correct it. This allows us to confidently build screens to fit your home. This is essential when it comes to installing solar screens.

Other companies make screens inches larger than necessary so they don’t accidentally make one too small (and cause them another trip out). Unfortunately, when installing a solar screen that isn’t a perfect fit there is a high possibility of water intrusion problems down the road.

When it comes to window screens, ones built on-site are always better. Also whenever someone is doing work on your home be sure to check their insurance, GL, worker’s compensation and contractor’s license and bond.

How To Keep Bugs Away From Your Screen

How To Keep Bugs Away From Your Screens

Those long hot summer days are finally here and so are the annoying bugs that come with them. Here are some quick tips how to keep those pesky bugs away from your screens:

Clean Your Screens

Debris is constantly flying through the air and getting caught in your window screens. This collection of small particles can attract several types of bugs causing them to hang out onto your screens. Simply remove your window screens and wash them with a mild soap and water. This is a great time to wash your windows also. Not feeling up to it? Give us a call and we can wash your windows inside and out! Be sure to let the screens dry before re-installing to avoid spotting your windows.

Household Repellents

If washing the screens doesn’t seem to help you there are some simple repellents you might find around the home that can be used to deter bugs. A little bit of peppermint oil on your screens usually works. It can be applied easily using a paper towel. Vinegar works well as a second choice. Ammonia works great as a cat and small animal repellent.


Citronella is a popular bug repellent and comes in an oil form or in candles. You can often find it at outdoor stores near camping equipment. Now you can enjoy your summer breezes without unsightly bugs crawling all over your screens!