Another Paradise Set in Rodeo


Jackie C. from Rodeo called in about a custom security solution for her home.  Here at Mike’s Mobile we were of course happy to oblige to this request! Jackie chose our Paradise design french steel security door set in a red powder coat and white mesh to match her existing door & trim. We even added a custom mail slot to fit her needs.

Our Steel Security Doors are completely custom to fit whatever door style, mounting style & color combination go best with your home. Every steel security door can have custom 2 tone colors at no extra charge. Click here to view our available colors.

To get a custom steel security door today give us a call at (877) 520-3595

For more information on our custom steel security doors, visit our website: Mike’s Mobile – Steel Security Doors



Best Chimney Sweep in Hayward


As with anything in this world, you generally get what you pay for. When it comes to your home, it never pays to cut corners, especially when dealing with fire, literally. To find the best chimney sweep in Hayward, you must do your research. Always use a company that is licensed, bonded and insured. If you are not sure just ask!

chimney sweep

Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service holds multiple licenses by the Contractor’s State License Board of California and carries a current bond and is fully insured for your protection. We use the strict standards of the CSIA and are NFI certified. This makes Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service the best chimney service to do work on your chimney. With every chimney sweep, we include a full, written, Level 1 Inspection report. We are a full service chimney company that can handle the simplest of repairs to full rebuilds. Some of the repairs we handle on a daily basis include: Crown repair, heat damage to the firebox wall, replacing the chimney liner, replacing refractory panels, de-glazing and more! For more details and services visit us online at or call us today! You can reach us at (510) 277-5694 or (925) 443-0700.

Tru-View Doors in Brentwood

Tru-View Security Door in Brentwood Check out our Tru-View security screen door that was installed in Brentwood! The Tru-View door is the younger brother of the Viewguard security screen door. These doors are great for back yard porches and even front doors! Our customer, Sharon B., from Brentwood, picked out Tru-View doors for her front door and back door!


Since her home had one color scheme in the front and another in the back, she picked out a bronze Tru-View for the front and a white one for the back.

Thanks Sharon! We all think her doors look awesome and now you can be the judge. Is a Tru-View right for you? If you’re in Brentwood call us today at (925) 443-0700, if you’re somewhere else call us toll free, at (877) 520-3595 and get yours ordered!

Napa and Vallejo areas, Yellow and Red Tags Explained

Napa and Vallejo Masonry Repair

Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service is helping the people of Napa and Vallejo areas navigate their way through the process of City inspections, yellow tags and red tags. This blog is to tell you all about the process and explain everything.

City Inspections:

Mike’s Mobile has a California State Contractor’s License with the CSLB. Our technicians will easily navigate through this process and get a Permit for your home and the work to be done.

City Inspectors come to inspect the work at key points in the Demolition/Construction.

Once the work is complete there will be a final inspection. At this time the city will remove the color coded tag from you door.

Yellow Tag

A yellow tag means “cautionary.” Property owners can access and clean their buildings, and once clean can contact the City for re-inspection. Call 707-258-7829 to request a re-inspection.

Red Tag

A red tag means the building structure has been damaged and is not safe to enter. Please do not enter your building. You must hire a qualified, licensed engineer to inspect the property and prepare a written assessment. The City will post a list of qualified engineers from the region on its website at, or you may already have one to work with. Submit the assessment report to the City’s Building Department at 1600 First Street, beginning Tuesday, August 26th. If the report indicates the building is safe to access and occupy, the City will upgrade the red tag to a yellow tag, and then you must follow the steps described above for a yellow tag. If the report indicates the building is not safe to access and occupy, the report will include recommendations for structural modifications. The Building Division will work with the owner on the best course of action.

Napa and Vallejo Masonry Repair

Napa and Vallejo Masonry Services

Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service is a full service Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repair company in the Napa and Vallejo area, but did you also know that we do masonry repair that is not chimney related? We have technicians in your area that have been rebuilding structures since the Earthquake that shook this area on August 24th 2014.

Napa and Vallejo area residents can rest easy knowing that Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service are on the job. Our trained technicians know how to navigate through the permit system, yellow tags, red tags and inspections.

We offer free inspections/estimates to all of our customers with Earthquake damage. Take a second and look at some Masonry work that is not chimney related!

Another Custom Creation! Custom Security Doors


Sometimes customers are not sure what they want and sometimes they know exactly what they want! Joe from San Jose knew exactly what he wanted when he came to us. He needed French style custom security doors that SLIDE! Sliding security doors are not very common, but as you can see, they are beautiful. We worked with Joe and created a masterpiece! He picked out the Sunburst pattern that goes perfect with double doors. The white on white color keeps his home elegant.

We love working with our customers to create working art for their home. Please give us a call today! (877) 520-3595 Check out the gallery below to see more pictures from this beautiful home.

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