How Do I Care For and Clean My Retractable Awning?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - AwningSunesta awnings are not only easy to operate, they’re also easy to maintain. To start with, the location of your awning determines the frequency we recommend cleaning it. If your home is located inland, you should clean your awning twice a year. If you are on or near the ocean, you should clean your awning once a month due to the salt exposure.

To clean your awning, spray off loose debris and dirt with a water hose. For bird droppings and other attached residue, use warm water and a soft bristled scrub brush on the spot requiring attention before rinsing with your hose. After you have removed any loose dirt and/or residue, allow your awning to dry completely before coating with a rain repellent such as Scotch Guard.

If your awning fabric has tougher stains such as mildew, you can attempt to remove the stains with a mild soap, such as Ivory Snow or Woolite, with warm water and a soft bristled scrub brush. Avoid using any product with the word “detergent” in it. Again, only use a mild soap. After using the soap, rinse the awning thoroughly with water from your hose. Allow the awning to dry completely before coating the fabric with a rain repellent as mentioned previously.

Proper care for the frame of your awning includes rinsing it with water from your hose, wiping it down with a soft cloth and using a 100 percent silicone lubricant on all moving parts of the lateral awning. Again, the lubricant must be 100 percent silicone. Avoid using lubricants such as WD-40 as they will leave a residue and may stain your awning’s fabric.
By following these simple recommendations, you will extend the life of your awning and your enjoyment of it. For any additional questions about the proper care and cleaning of your Sunesta awning, please contact Sunesta’s customer service department at 800.874.2001.

I see the TÜV rating on your awning information. What does TÜV mean?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - AwningAll four Sunesta Retractable Patio Awnings including The Sunesta, The Sunstyle, The Sunlight and The Sunflair are designed with consumer safety in mind. These models have been tested by TÜV, an independent organization headquartered in Germany with regional offices in North America.

In English, TÜV means Technical Surveillance Association. TÜV tests automobiles, computers, medical devices and other types of consumer products. Because of the large demand and popularity of retractable awnings in Europe, TÜV also tests retractable awnings for safety and reliability. It’s the only independent testing agency in the world that provides this function. In addition to the Sunesta models and parts being tested, our facility is inspected by TÜV every year (a certificate of this inspection is available upon request). The inspection is necessary to ensure that we are using the parts that were actually approved.

There is another organization associated with retractable awning ratings called CE. This organization does not perform any testing or inspections, it just creates guidelines (wind classes) for rating retractable awnings. Awning manufacturers are then left to voluntarily determine which wind class rating applies to their products without any independent testing and confirmation.

How do retractable awnings save on energy costs?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - AwningsA 2007 study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research, at the University of Minnesota, concluded that awnings can save homeowners up to 25 percent on energy costs. The reason? Because awnings result in cooling energy savings by “reducing direct solar gain through windows.” In addition, according to the Department of Energy publication, Cooling Your Home, awnings block up to 90 percent of solar heat that is absorbed through windows.

How is the Awning fabric treated?

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - AwningAll fabrics featured in the exclusive Sunesta Awning collection are 100% solution-dyed, acrylic fabric. The colors in the fabric are dyed into the fibers so that they can’t fade or run. In addition to their inherent long-lasting durability, all Sunesta fabrics are covered by a 10 year warranty.

What is a retractable, or lateral arm, awning?

Retractable Awning Lateral ArmAccording to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, a retractable or lateral arm awning is entirely supported from a building and constructed so that the awning cover and supporting frame retract completely against the building’s exterior wall. In a retracted position the awning is relieved from wind, rain and snow pressure normally associated with fixed frame awnings. Retractable awnings are commonly used to shade large outdoor areas, such as a deck or patio, and are operated using either a manual crank or remote-controlled motor to extend or retract the awning. Check out our Retractable Awnings.

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