Chimney Sweep in Sacramento

Mike's Mobile Screen 7 Chimney - Sacramento

Getting a chimney sweep in Sacramento, and surrounding areas, is as easy as giving us a call at (916) 372- 8783 or sending over an email. Our team will work with your schedule and set you up an appointment in a few short minutes.

As the cold weather approaches, getting your chimney ready to burn in is important. Annual safety checks are highly recommended as well as cleanings after ever cord of wood that is burned. Stay up to date and be informed. You can visit or check in with our blog to receive important updates and information regarding this burn season.

Custom Viewguard Installation Done Right!

Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service - Custom Viewguard

Our featured customer this week is Andrea from Patterson California. Congratulations on your new Viewguard!  Her Viewguard install has some custom features that might interest a potential customer.

The first issue was the handle side. Usually the handles of the existing wood door and Viewguard are on the same side, but as you can see in the pictures that wouldn’t work great here. We changed the location of the handle set and saved her a lot of space. Andrea has small children so it was important for her to have safety in mind. We were able to mount the deadbolt higher than usual to keep her children from possibly opening the door. The last issue was solved by adding a pneumatic door closer. This will ensure that the door closes automatically, even when the family is in a rush. Her family’s safety was at the top of her list and we were able to add some custom features to make this door work.

Congratulations on the new Viewguard again! Thank you for choosing Mike’s Mobile Screen. & Chimney Service

Window and Door Covering Specialist!


Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service your window and door covering specialist! These pictures our from a customer that did her entire home with Solar Screens and had a Viewguard Security screen door installed on the front door. This customer will now enjoy savings on their energy bill! Call us today and ask about how we can save you money! Call Toll Free (877) 520-3595

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Sliding Security Doors Are Here!

Sliding Security Doors - Mike's Mobile Screen & Chimney Service

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THEY ARE HERE! Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service now offers Sliding Security Doors! This nifty door takes the place of a sliding screen door and offers you and your family much more security.

These doors are also available in several different styles. Pictured on this page is a recent install at a customer’s home. Margaret loves her door and was very pleased with the installation. She chose the Single Door with Stainless Steel mesh. What isn’t pictured, (Coming soon) is the Double Door. The Double Door offer a secure Stainless Steel mesh on the stationary side as well as the moving door side.

Also available are the Single and Double versions in Amplimesh (Similar to what is on the Tru-Frame Door). No matter what the application calls for we have you covered!

More information will be coming soon and we will have it up on our website as soon as possible. For now please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to have one of these awesome Security Sliding Doors installed on your home.

Waterproofing to Avoid Efflorescence


What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence comes from a French word meaning “to flower out.” In chemistry, and in the real world, efflorescence is the loss of water (or a solvent) of crystallization from a hydrated or solvated salt to the atmosphere on exposure to air.

Where does it happen? 

While efflorescence can occur in natural settings it is most commonly seen on built structures. It is especially visible on porous materials like brick. If you do not know what efflorescence is, you may think that it is purely cosmetic. It will appear as a chalky residue on the outside of the brick structure.

What causes efflorescence?

Simply put, if you see efflorescence you have water intrusion. Once water penetrates the brick it will “flower out,” (remember the French definition?) Once water has entered your structure it will freeze and expand causes the integrity of the structure to come into question

What can you do to protect against efflorescence?

Although brick is very durable, extreme weather can have an adverse effect on it over time. Waterproofing your brick/veneer structure will help ensure that your brick work lasts as long as possible. Your brick and your home can benefit tremendously from waterproofing.

“Most sealants are made with siloxane, which chemically bonds to the material and prevents water from passing through it. This type of brick waterproofing sealant is clear, so it does not change the appearance of the building. In fact, rather than staying on the surface of the structure, brick sealant penetrates the material. It will need to be reapplied to older brick structures about every four to seven years, and newer buildings approximately every five to ten years.”

What Are The Differences Between Our Doors and Hardware Store Doors?

hardware store screen doorsThe problem with hardware store screen doors is that the hardware stores do it all wrong. They use rollform metal framing with plastic components such as wheels, and handles that are all but guaranteed to break. Their doors come in prefab sizes that may not fit on your door frame.

Our screen doors are built on site to ensure a custom fit for your home. There is no guess work involved. We measure your framing and provide you with an all aluminum framed door that comes with steel wheels and a metal handle. Our technicians pay close attention and build you a quality door that will last.

How are Solar Screens installed?

Mike's Mobile DIe Cast ClipsThe best way to install Solar Screens depends on the application. Our highly trained technicians will know how, best, to make your Solar Screens for a perfect fit and installation.  Most of the time this includes using die-cast barrel clips. These clips come color matched to the frame to blend in. These clips are perfect for Solar Screens because they allow for easy tool-less removal and re-installation of Solar Screens by the homeowner for cleaning. Be wary of unlicensed people installing Solar Screens: water intrusion, window warranty issues and ill-fitting Solar Screens are some of the things we’ve seen in the field when un-licensed people are hired to do this work. Be sure to check for a contractor’s license and insurance anytime you are having someone do work on your home!

Should I use 80% or 90% Solar Screen Material?

Mike's Mobile - Solar Screen 80%/90%

Solar screen is available in multiple colors (black, brown, grey, stucco and beige) and also available in varying weave densities. An 80% weave blocks 80% of the UV rays. At Mike’s Mobile Screens we usually recommend using an 80% weave on most residential applications. You will still get a nice breeze through the screen and retain great outward visibility. A 80% solar screen cuts the heat and glare without darkening the inside of your home. Our 90% weave is great for picture windows (windows that don’t open). We also recommend 90% when you have direct sunlight (such as when we are covering a skylight). Although 90% will not completely block out light it is useful for people who sleep during the day and want something to drastically cut the light coming into their home.