The steel security doors I’ve seen have big gaps and let in bugs. Is there anything you can do to prevent this?

Glad you asked! The steel security doors you are thinking of are the kind sold by our competition, and are usually a 3 piece design. A 3 piece door is going to have large gaps at the top, sides and usually the bottom. They have the doors made this way so they will fit a wider variety of door frames. At Mike’s Mobile Screens & Chimney Service our steel doors are 100% custom and made to fit your home. We build our doors in a, far superior, 1 piece design for added strength and beauty. We have over 10 different mounting styles so no matter what kind of existing door frame you have we can build something to fit perfectly. We also build every steel door to stop the bugs from coming in, as well as unwanted people. We have built in flanges that cover all the gaps (as well as adding more security) and can put a door sweep on the bottom to complete the installation.


I want a security door, but I don’t want my house to look like it has jail bars. What options do I have?

viewgaurd-installOur Aluminum security doors are made specifically to address your security needs without having the “jail bar” look most security doors are known for. The Tru-View and Viewguard have a unique stainless mesh (painted black) that offers security at its highest level without unsightly bars.

If those doors aren’t what you are looking for we have steel security door options that can blow away our competition. Check out our Vino Welcome (Vineyard) steel security door in two-tone colors.

How Long Do Solar Screens Last?

Can Solar Screens last longer than any other part of your home? Absolutely! Mike’s Mobile uses the highest quality materials, and has the best Solar Screen warranty in the industry – 10 years!  We recommend to keep your solar screens looking nice that they be cleaned 1-2 times a year with a mild soap/water solution. Feeling like pampering yourself? Call Mike’s Mobile today and we can take care of washing your Solar Screens as well as your windows! Learn more about solar screens here.
cleaning-Solar Screens last

How do I measure screens to get a quote over the phone?

Solar Screen-doorEasy!

If you need bugscreens or re-screens just count them and call. We charge flat rates to make things simple for you. If you are interested in a quote for Solar Screens you can measure the width and height of each window you are interested in (keep in mind Solar Screens generally cover the entire window). You can measure from the inside or the outside and just round to the nearest foot. Or call Mike’s Mobile Screen and Chimney Service today at 1-877-520-3595 and we can come out to measure your windows for you and give you a FREE in-home estimate!

I want a screen door but I don’t want to cover up my beautiful front door. Is there anything I can do?

Do you need a screen door that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t? We have such a thing! It’s called a disappearing screen door. We sell the Rollaway brand disappearing screen door. It has a small housing where the screen rolls into when not in use. When you want to use it just pull the drawbar over and it attaches to the other side via full length magnet or latch system. For an almost hidden appearance we recommend matching the housing color to your door frame (it comes in 6 powdercoated colors) and we can also match the bottom track to the color of your threshold.

Is it a good idea to get grids over my Solar Screens?


Solar Screens with grids are a great way to spruce up the look of your home.  One thing to note, however, is if your home already has windows with grids and you have us install Solar Screens with grids then your windows may look busy from the inside looking out.  From some angles you may see both sets of grids.  If you don’t want a grid pattern we would recommend at least one bar going across the middle (we call it a spreader bar) that matches the separation in the middle of your window.

Why Solar Screens beat the heat better than anything else.

SolarScreenImageThe simple answer is that Solar Screens stop the sun’s rays before they ever have a chance to reach your window.  In contrast, window tint goes on the inside of the window, actually working against nicer insulated windows (some window tinting can actually void warranties on dual or triple paned windows due to the overheating possibilities).  The same goes for all blinds and interior window coverings.  Your window will still heat up and radiant heat will still heat up your home.  Solar Screens work with your windows to keep the heat out and act as another insulation barrier making your home more efficient, more comfortable and saving you money.  Mike’s Mobile Screens offers the highest quality Solar Screen materials available that block 80-90% of the sun’s UV rays.

I like your Vineyard Steel Security door but don’t like how it says Welcome. Is there something else that we can get there instead?

vinyardAbsolutely! Our Vineyard Steel Security doors can be changed!  At Mike’s Mobile Screen and Chimney Service all of our steel security doors are 100% custom so all you have to do is ask.  We can put another word, a design, your initials or take the middle piece out of the door altogether. Our steel doors are only limited by your imagination. For more info…

How Solar Screens Can Save You Money!

It is 2015 and by now, most people agree that energy efficient products and appliances can save you money when the bill comes. While Solar Panels can be expensive, there is a way to protect your house and save money on your power bill. Installing Solar Screens can save you money, up to 30% on your monthly energy bill.

save money with solar screens
solar screens can cool your house

The Greenhouse Effect
Let us first explain what the sun does to your home. Have you ever gotten into your car in the summer and it was scorching hot? What about the winter? Even in the winter on a sunny day, your car can get pretty warm inside when you leave it outside.
The Sun’s rays can go through glass and heat up an area (e.g. car, Greenhouse, houses, any space with windows). Once the Sun Rays have gone through the glass, the heat is trapped inside and heat up the space. This is called The Greenhouse Effect.

solar screens help save money
solar screens to the rescue

Radiant Heat
Radiant heat is another way your home gets hot. This is the heat that you feel when standing next to a window that gets a lot of Sun. This window is also hot to the touch and transfers that heat into your home. The Sun’s Rays can also damage or fade carpet, couches, and furniture over long periods of over exposure. The Sun can be very damaging to your home, but we can help! Well, Solar Screens can help! Solar Screens can save you money by reducing this radiant heat coming from your windows.

Solar Screens to the Rescue!
Solar Screens offer amazing protection against the Sun’s UV rays. In fact, Solar Screens can block up to 90% of the Sun’s UV rays, which, in turn, can save you up to 30% on your energy bill! That is not all. They can lower the temperature inside up to 15-20 degrees. For a full list of features, please visit our Solar Screen Page. Solar Screens are generally installed covering the entire window. They are made from a nylon weave that is able to absorb the heat from the Sun before your windows do.

Solar Screens Save you Money
Solar Screens save you money

What about Window Films?
Window films cannot match the efficiency of Solar Screens. Window films are applied to the inside of the window. This does not help. In most dual pane windows, Argon gas is present between panes. Although Argon gas is not dangerous, heat can cause pressure between the panes to rise and eventually shatter you windows. We do not recommend the use of window films.

Do Shutters work?
How about shutters? Shutters are a great way to gain privacy and block out sunlight, however; you will run into a familiar problem. Radiant heat. As the Sun beats down on your window, the shutters will also heat up and transfer that heat into your home. Solar Screens can save you money by reducing this radiant heat from the windows.

Solar Screens are installed on the exterior of your home and protect against the Sun’s Rays. Solar Screens are the only solution that tackle the problem of the powerful Sun where it makes sense; before the heat touches your home.